Ideas Management System

Suggestions Submission by employees

Each employee in the company is given a user ID and password to access suggestion scheme software and upload their suggestions. These suggestions are then stores as suggestions bank. Each unit can enter / update their Suggestions till they are accepted but it can only view suggestions of other employees.

Shared Suggestions Bank

All suggestions submitted by employees are stored as a suggestions bank with a complex search provisions. This suggestion bank is a sharable resource with all employees and each selected suggestions can viewed in the form of suggestion report promoting learning by sharing.

Suggestion registration and acceptance

Suggestion scheme coordinator formally registers the suggestions received online from employees. These suggestions are then forwarded to concerned expert appraisers in the company. The appraisers assesses the suggestion for techno commercial feasibility and have authority to accept or reject the suggestion.

Implementation, Approval and Evaluation

After acceptance the suggestion implementation can be reviewed periodically, After implementation the appraisers who accepted suggestion for implementation can approve the implementation. The evaluator will then evaluate the outcomes and benefits obtained from suggestion implementation against the expected benefits.

Customizable Evaluation Criteria

A configurable suggestion evaluation and rating framework is available. With this you can decide the parameters on which the kaizen points can be awarded. This can be associated with the reward system for encouraging employee participation in continuous improvement movement.

Improved replication potential

As the kaizen bank is a sharable resource which can be viewed by all employees of company units. The units can adopt the suggestion as appropriate and deploy as a ready proven solution. There is no need to reinvent the wheel by every unit. This helps in enhancing the horizontal deployment and sharing of benefits.

Suggestion rating and rewards

This suggestion rating system can be used for acknowledging the best efforts of employees, decide on monitory rewards to employees or even organize suggestion competitions. Certificates can be directly printed through software. Reports are available to highlight best performance based on results.

MIS Reports and Graph

Many reports and graphs are provided on the status of suggestion scheme implementation. These report highlight both the achievements and the weal areas where focus may be required. They also highlight the pending activities at different stages from registration to evaluation. Many graphs are also available.

Paperless Suggestion Scheme

In this system all stages of suggestion life cycle namely sugegstion entry, registration, acceptance, apprisal and evaluation are done through software. At each stage e mail is generated to alert the next stage owner. Delays at various stages are also highlighted. Overall improvement is suggestion scheme efficiency is obtained because of paperless implementation.