OpExWorks Solutions

Production Management System

Management of manufacturing operations in today's complex low inventory, just in time and single piece flow practices is difficult and it requires a deep understanding processes, involvement of the teams and systematic execution. Planning and management of end to end points from customer's requirements, Production to Supply chain requires a system to be in place for appropriate information flow for immediate corrective actions. Sneash Software provides customized software solutions to implement these modern Heijunka manufacturing practices in a very simple manner.

End to End Solution

Stake holders in Heijunka based level manufacturing process are many including Customers, Planning Team, Production Team, Supply Chain Team and Suppliers. This systems collaborates with all in real time with enhanced information delivery and alerts

Enhanced Resources Efficiency

A software system with real time data sharing, e mail alerts and management of KPI in a real time mode will greatly enhance the implementation of such production system. Effectiveness of system and the outcomes will improve many folds

Real time Productivity Monitoring

System options like hourly production monitoring and hourly man power utilization provides finer control over daily operations and efficient monitoring of the planned against actual productions without any delay for appropriate decision support system

Establish Pull System

In heijunka production system, the trigger point is customer's requirements and then derived production plan. This production plan is prepared for the period and depending on the customer deliveries on previous day, the next day's production plan is generated.

Stoppages Monitoring

At each workstation the stoppages are recorded. Stoppages categories, responsible departments and responsibilities are predefined. These stoppages can be analysed at will loss type wise, department wise in report form and graphical format.

KPI Monitoring

The effectiveness of HPS is managed using performance indicators which are calculated from the data entered in HPS. No additional data entry is required to be made, graphs are generated using data entered in real time mode.

Improved Information Delivery

Helps in decision support, as production system is monitored on hourly basis based on real time data, it provides only accurate information for timely corrective actions, thereby keeping the gap between planned and actual production to minimum.

Flexible Production Planning

Production plans are prepared for the period usually a month, these plan are drilled to daily plan with decision of batch size. Once that is finalized then hourly production schedules are prepared. This all happen in single click providing flexibility to make changes and reschedule.

Product mix, quantity and delivery

With flexible production systems, heijunka system is more responsive to customer's requirements in terms on product mix, variable quantities and delivery model. This systems support two product change over in one shift.