Child Parts Inspection System

Connect with suppliers in real time

Alerts generated by system in real time based on the inspection status of the child parts, These alerts are sent to Plant head, QA Head, Procurement team, Supplier, Mail recipient list can be configured by users. Alerts are sent for inspection status, events due and overdue.

Track rejections and improvements

During inspection defects are tracked with their defect phenomenon. Suppliers are informed about the defect phenomenon with quantity rejected. The improvements done by suppliers can also be recorded for monitoring and tracking.

Factual information in real time

In this system all reports, alerts, graphs are prepared using the data entered by inspectors at part inspection stage, hence all factual data is used for analysis and decision support providing accurate basis for corrective actions.

Alerts in Real Time

Alerts are sent for Inspection Status, Daily summary, Lot rejection etc. Alerts are sent for other activities as well including Gauge calibration due, raw material inspections due etc. Alerts provide a trigger for action chain at both customer level and supplier level.

Kaizen for defects removal

Provision to record data about the improvements done at suppliers in form of kaizen is available. With this track of part improvements done can be tracked at customer level. This provides a closed loop mechanism with defect identification, analysis and improvements to eliminate defects.

MIS and Graphs

Part inspection status reports and graphs are generated at supplier level, supplier wise part level and supplier wise part wise defect phenomenon level. Many graphs are provided to highlight status and weak areas for immediate corrective actions.