Software solutions for sustaining operational excellence


Production Management Software

Software solution for management of manufacturing based on Heijunka Principles for acheiving Total Customer Satisfaction for Product Mix with Quantity, Delivery Schedule and Delivery Model.

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Child Part Inspection Software

Monitor quality of child parts either produced in house or incoming from suppliers to achieve real time collaboration with information exchange and alerts for reducing child parts PPM.

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Ideas Management Software

Implements a paperless suggestions scheme with real time collaboration with all stake holders including suggestor, appraiser, evaluator and management with configurable reward system.

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In Premise Implementation

Being in premise solutions, these solutions are installed in your internal servers providing fine control over administration and available system configurations

World Class Framework

Systems are conforming to best practices followed by leading manufacturers and in adherence with globally accepted international standards and practices

Sustain Best Practices

Helps in implementation of best practices in Quality, Cost and Delivery. Moreover these practices are sustained irrespective of manpower changes.

Ready to Implement

Sneash solutions are standard, defect free and proven. Being in use since many years at many companies these solutions are implemented without any gestation period.

System Based Working

With OpExWorks you start working on system based working rather than person based working. Systems remain in place and functional in spite of high attrition

Reduce Human Resource Waste

Using software systems will provide the right information at right time to right person. With improved information delivery and need based reporting companies save a lot on human resource wastes